Night of Bourbon




Boss Hogg VIII Lapu Lapu Pacific

Straight Rye Whiskey finished in Philippine Rum Casks

104.8 Proof

Nose: Rich lush vanilla aromas give way to delicate tropical notes including underripe bananas, freshly picked lemon and molasses

Palate: Abundant fresh ground cinnamon with citrus zest, butterscotch and light notes of toffee

Finish: Tanned leather, light brown sugar, nutmeg and allspice with a long-lasting black pepper rye spice


Bourbon Batch 11

118 Proof

Nose: Milk chocolate, cinder toffee, quite buttery before a deft whack of baking spice and rye heat

Palate: Creamy vanilla juxtaposed by spicy oak with building orchard fruit and citrus oil sweetness

Finish: A little red current twist appears on the finish


Bourbon Street Liquors Private Selection

Port Cask Finish Barrel #1

106.9 Proof

Nose: Begins with hints of leather, brown sugar and caramel, followed by crème brûlée, marshmallow, green apple and citrus orange.

Palate: Apples, caramel, and brown sugar. The creaminess pairs with orange from the nose, creating a dessert-like richness. Vanilla, toasted oak and black pepper spice round it out.

Finish: Slight fruitiness and grape tannic notes with a lingering spice


Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye Foxtrot

4 years 3 months | 104 Proof

Nose: Rich cream, cinnamon, clove, brown sugar and toffee

Palate: Sweet rye character, a hint of spice. Bold brown sugar notes, toffee, waffle cone, some coppery metallic rye spice. Rich mouthfeel.

Finish: Long finish. Sweet creme brûlée, toffee, clove and cinnamon


Memphis, TN Bourbon Uncut, Unfiltered

Bourbon Street Liquors Barrel Pick

116.7 Proof

Nose:  Toasted sugar, maple, and pound cake come out. There’s a strong smack of alcohol top note here that keeps flitting in and out. There are notes such as sarsaparilla, toffee, hazelnut, and game meat or smokey leather. Fruit notes are pretty sparse, leaning slightly toward candied orange or white grape.

Palate:  Moderate in weight, leaning thick as it sits. Heat starts building quickly, and the edges can get rough. Toasted sugar and cake are present with hits of oak, smoke, root beer. There are some tobacco notes here has well, with just a hint of burnt marshmallow, and a touch of caramelizing green banana towards the transition to the finish.

Finish:  The ending maintains that heat and pulls in more notes of roasted pecan, slight pastry, and again, a cola or root beer like note.


Bourbon Street Liquors Private Selection

Barrel #9

109 Proof

Nose: Oaky with sweet and sugary undernotes and a slight caramel smell

Palate: Caramel, light and smooth with deep dark sugar notes

Finish: Honey and sweet with caramel


Cask Strength Wheated

Kentucky Bourbon

Special Limited Edition

Bourbon Street Liquors Barrel Pick

120 Proof

Nose: Quite enticing and on the sweeter side showing a buttery combination of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch on apricot tart with a dusting of spice.

Palate: A symphony of stone fruits on the palate as spice simmers beneath.

Finish: The finish is wonderfully balanced as sweet and spice fade slowly in unison.


Texas Straight bourbon Whiskey

115 Proof

Nose: Intense aromas of warm caramel, roasted pecans and espresso greet you at the nose.

Palate: As the Garrison Brothers say, “it’s “Bourbon Candy” with a rich mouth feel and the flavors of praline, pecan, almond, plenty of oak, white pepper, vanilla fudge and love.

Finish: The finish is medium length, lightly dry and oaky.


Bourbon Batch 18, Wheated

5 Year | 119 Proof

Nose: Sweet vanilla, fruity red berries. Musty tobacco and oaky.

Palate: Woody and harsh with tastes of cherry, oak and vanilla

Finish: Powerful with hints of vanilla


Big Dog Cigar Batch

Bourbon finished with Amburana staves

114.6 Proof

Nose: Aromas of Amburana, a Brazilian wood,  spiced cinnamon apples, sweetness, and tobacco.

Palate: Bold cinnamon, spices, and apples, tastes of vanilla with hints of toasted oak

Finish: The finish is light with hints of wood and spice and lasting vanilla


Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon

Bourbon Street Liquors  Barrel Pick

5 Year | 113.1 Proof

Nose: Oaky, rye spice with smells of herbs

Palate: Sweet caramel and vanilla, powerful herbal rye spices, red hots

Finish: Lasting red hot finish with lingering spice


CF-06 “Sixth Sense”

Canadian Whiskey finished in Sherry Casks

15 Year | 118.4 Proof

A single barrel project. This special release Copper and Cask selection of 15 year old Whiskey was finished in an Oloroso Sherry barrel. The Whiskey is non-chilled filtered and was bottled at barrel proof.


Single Barrel

Cask Strength Bourbon Foxtrot

1-4 years 2 months | 98 Proof

Nose: Aromas of toasted pecans, toasted caramel sauce, and baked apples

Palate: Tastes of maple syrup, pecans, and warm apples

Finish: lasting warm apples, caramel, and hints of nutmeg


Single Barrel

Cask Strength Bourbon Foxtrot

3- 4 years 5 months | 110 Proof

Nose: Sweet baking spices, oak, and dark fruits

Palate: Smooth and sweet leading to a cordial meeting of oak, tobacco, and brambly red-black fruits giving way to a hint of leather and smoke

Finish: long and rye led with with sustaining oaky sweetness and comforting warmth