Night of Bourbon


Join us for an evening of bourbon tasting.

Ticket includes a taste of 15 exclusive Bourbons, pub-fare and a raffle entry to win a special bottle of bourbon.

Seating is limited. Tickets available now!




Knob Creek Single Barrel, Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 120 proof 9 + years 

Nose: Very sweet. Brown sugar and caramel hit first, with apple and toffee that follow. It packs a good amount of spice that makes your nose tingle. On the back end, a scent of leather is present.

Palate: At first, you think the sip is going to be harsh because of the nose, but it surprises you with a very rich and creamy sweetness. You’ll definitely notice the 120 proof, but you’ll focus more on the great flavor. The palate consists of the vanilla, maple syrup and brown sugar that the nose foreshadowed.

Finish: Hot and long lasting. Full of cinnamon, oak and leather. The sweetness from the nose and palate carries through to the end. It can be challenging at first, but very satisfying by the end.

Elijah Craig Single Barrel, Private Selection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 121.4 proof * 9 years 

Nose: Caramel with toasted oak, fruit notes of apple and orange

Palate: Rich vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch along with spices of black pepper & cinnamon at the back of the palate

Finish: Nicely layered showcasing all flavors, fades slowly then lingers as it cools

Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Hand Picked Collection Single Barrel * 119 Proof

Nose: Buttery brown sugar and caramel, vanilla, rich toasted oak, cinnamon, baking spice, rye spice, and a hint of cinnamon apple

Palate: Heavy caramel and oak flavors that blast your taste buds on first sip. You then get a nice rush of baking spice, brown sugar, rye spice, pepper, and earthy, herbal flavors

Finish: Long heavy finish with lots of heat – leaves you with a rich mouthfeel full of heavy oak, brown sugar, and spicy rye spices and pepper

Hirsch Double Oak L&K “111” Single Barrel * 111 Proof

Appearance: It’s a dark, brownish amber, courtesy of the 8+ years of aging for most of the blend. The legs on the side of the glass are heavy and thick

Palate: French toast, nutmeg, caramel, and a strong sense of overripe bananas

Finish: Red Hots, creamed corn, baked beans, and nutmeg. Ginger spice lingers in a long finish. Somewhat surprisingly for a bourbon at this proof level, adding a splash of water didn’t seem to make a lot of difference.

Rare Character Bourbon Loch & K(e)y “Auntie Em” 6 year 4months  116.24 Proof

Nose: Marshmallow, rye spice, baking spice, vanilla bean, underlying ethanol, its proof is front and center

Palate: Sweet vanilla, orange marmalade, cinnamon stick, rye spice, light grain, baked bread, bold spice dominates

Finish: Dry cinnamon, baking spice, oak, rye spice, heat increases gradually

Maker’s Mark Private Select L&K “The Reveal” 109.9 Proof

Nose: Heavy oak on the nose is accompanied by more traditional vanilla and caramel notes

Palate: The bourbon hits the tongue gently considering the proof, with seasoned oak, a touch of spice, and a hint of orange rind on the backend

Finish: The flavors intensify in the finish, where they really ramp up quickly and in full force. Sweet burnt brown sugar, toasted oak, tobacco, cigar box, and cinnamon spice take hold and then trail off. The finish turns slightly dry towards the end

Old Forester Single Barrel Bourbon Loch & K(e)y “Golly Gee”, cask Strength,  128.4 Proof

Nose: Baking spices are a bit more muted on this one with nutmeg standing out more than the cinnamon, which likes to hide in the background

Palate: Brown sugar sweetness has the sensation of being a little burnt. Chocolate can be found, but in the form of cocoa powder more than bar form. Rounding out the sip and giving it a lot of depth are cinnamon, clove and anise

Finish: Oak remains a constant throughout, including on the finish.  The finish is a bit more complex with notes of chocolate and fig newton cookies.

Schoonover Single Barrel Bourbon L&K “The Best” 14year 104.68 Proof

Nose: Oak, light brown sugar, white peppercorn, crushed grain, light marshmellow, light raisin, leather, familiar Tennessee bourbon composition of scents

Palate: Dried raisins, vanilla, oak, leather, white peaches, dab of spice, light creamy caramel, spiced green apples, flavors are nuanced and layered

Finish: Light brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, oak, leather, simmering spice, earthy grounded flavors linger on top of spice

Rabbit Hole Single Barrel Cask Strength, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Limited Edition Artist Series 105.2 proof

Nose: Full and inviting

Palate: Sweet gratifying mouthfeel

Finish: Medium-length turning dry towards the end

Starlight Distillery Carl T. Huber’s “Cigar Batch” Bourbon Whiskey finished in Amburana Rum Barrels 115.7 proof 4.5 years old

Nose: Burnt orange rind, dates, leather, and tobacco leaf combine to create the base of the aroma. It’s deep seated and rustic, allowing the brightness of the orange rind to come through in moments of expressiveness. Mixed in are additional scents of cinnamon stick, nuts, apple, and steeped malt, creating a wide tapestry of scents. Not to be outdone with itself, fainter notes of bran, toffee, and light clover further reside creating an incredibly complex and satisfying nose that is truly one of a kind.

Palate: Baking spices, tobacco leaf, and sandalwood nuts immediately jump out before Starlight’s distinct distillate reveals itself. Coming in the form of soft baked bread, cereal grain, and young sharp oak, the flavor profile overall is extremely distinct, and in turn, demanding of the drinker. With hints of vanilla chai, honey, and milk chocolate swirled within, the ride this palate takes you on is unexpected. Its earthiness combined with its dominating tobacco leaf note won’t be for everyone, but the degree of integration and intrigue it creates cannot be understated.

Finish: The finish pivots hard to a cigar box note, with cream soda, fudge, and roasted malt mixed in for good measure. It’s rustic and earthy, yet features light sweetness throughout. The finish lingers on the distinct Amburana flavor, that is equal parts wet tobacco leaf and nutty. It maintains its mild intensity and uniqueness throughout, challenging drinkers with its unfamiliar flavors. Intriguing and captivating but likely polarizing from start to finish.

Pinhook “Bourbon War” Straight Bourbon Whiskey 116.5 proof 8 years 

Nose:Cinnamon stick, buckwheat waffle, light oak, slight baking spices, faint syrup, dark cherry, well balanced

Palate: Rye spice, slightly dry oak, cinnamon stick, syrup, brown sugar

Finish: Cinnamon spice, dry oak, leather, peppercorn spice, red hots candy, cinnamon powder, dry notes push against spice

Lucky Seven “The Frenchman” Finished in New French Oak Barrels Kentucky Straight Bourbon 118.3 proof

Nose: The nose does little to allude to the sip to come. Hints of dry oak and dark cherry are overshadowed by heavy spice. While not unpleasant, there is surprisingly little to draw from the aroma aside from the oak and spice, making for a very straightforward introduction to the whiskey

Palate: The first noticeable trait about this bourbon is its thick mouthfeel, which is chewy and warming at the same time. Somewhat dry throughout, the flavors are highlighted by punchy seasoned oak accented by baking spices and cinnamon. Underneath are caramel chews, graham cracker sweetness, and a slight nuttiness

Finish:  Notes of unsweetened chocolate and roasted coffee beans take shape, along with a savory tobacco and leather. The finish works in unison with the robust palate to convey the full-flavored nature of this whiskey