Newly donated e-bikes to help Easton Police Department officers respond more quickly in hilly city

Two e-bikes are the newest addition to the Easton Police Department’s fleet and will allow officers to traverse the hilly city more quickly and efficiently.

Made possible through an Air Products Foundation grant and in collaboration with Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP), the e-bikes feature a rechargeable battery that powers an electric motor, which provides riders with assistance on hills and additional speed on flatter terrain.

The Easton Police Department has 31 certified bike officers in the 62-officer department, though all officers ride in at least a part-time capacity. “E-bikes will allow our officers to better navigate the city given its terrain. They would be able to respond to emergency calls more quickly while expending less energy. This means both the public and police would be safer,” said Officer Robert Jones, EPD’s Bike Unit Coordinator.

Jones said e-bikes will also be used in the training of bike officers from EPD and other police departments. “They will give our instructors a better ability to move and ride throughout the class while training. On many occasions when teaching classes that have a large group it can be hard to move from the front of the class to the back and back up to the front but with an e-bike this would no longer be an issue,” said Jones.

Additional e-bikes are being considered for the fleet.

“We are honored to provide this support to the bike officers of Easton,” said Laurie Hackett of Air Products. “The work they do in the City to keep our friends and neighbors safe is valued and appreciated.”

“We are excited to partner with the City of Easton and the Air Products Foundation on this public safety initiative and hope that efforts like these will continue to make our city safe and more bike-friendly,” said Jared Mast, executive director of GEDP.