Match Made in Easton

To celebrate the season of love, downtown Easton businesses have “coupled up” to provide a super sweet receipt swap activity!

How does it work? 

From February 9th-18th, visit any of the locations from our list of Easton Matches, and bring your receipt to their partner. By presenting your receipt, unlock a special offer from their match! Spread the love and enjoy exclusive sweetheart deals you’ll fall in love with!

Match Made in Easton – Downtown Couples

Green Vida Co. ❤️ Casa 401

Present your receipt from either Green Vida Co. or Casa 401 at their partner’s location, and receive 10% off any purchase!

Tolino Vineyards ❤️ 3rd & Ferry

Present your receipt from either Tolino Vineyards or 3rd & Ferry at their partner’s location, and receive 10% off any purchase!

Yellow Balloon Consignment ❤️ Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee House

Bring your receipt from Yellow Balloon Consignment into Quadrant Book Mart and receive 10% off book purchases, or a free freshly brewed coffee. | Bring your receipt from Quadrant into Yellow Balloon to receive a $5 coupon with minimum $25 purchase!

Love Blossoms Flowers & Gifts ❤️ Bank Street Creamery

Bring your receipt from Bank Street Creamery into Love Blossoms for a free wrapped rose with your purchase.

Belleville Market ❤️ ThreeBirds Coffee

Bring your receipt from Belleville Market into ThreeBirds (both locations) and receive a free drip coffee, tea, or cappuccino. | Bring your receipt from ThreeBirds into Belleville Market and receive a free 6 oz. Salted Caramel Candle Tin (while supplies last).

Sweet Girlz Bakery ❤️ Easton Candle Company

Bring your receipt from Easton Candle Co. into Sweet Girlz Bakery and get $3 off any in-store purchase! | Present your receipt from Sweet Girlz at Easton Candle Co. and receive 10% off any in-store purchase.

Diamond Fitness ❤️ Creative Spirit

Present your receipt from Creative Spirit to Diamond Fitness for 15 extra minutes on a thai massage! | Bring your receipt from Diamond Fitness into Creative Spirit for a free pack of incense and a crystal.

Terra Cafe ❤️ Isasuma

Present your receipt from either Terra Cafe or Isasuma at their partner’s location, and receive 20% off any purchase!

Cellar Beast ❤️ Tandoor Grill

Cellar Beast is offering 10% of bottles with receipt or reservation confirmation from Tandoor. | Present your receipt from Cellar Beast at Tandoor for 10% and a free dessert with purchases over $35!

Homegrown CBD Lounge ❤️ The Game Gallery

Present your receipt from Homegrown CBD Lounge at The Game Gallery for a free game play or 10% of in-store purchases! | Bring your receipt from The Game Gallery into Homegrown for 10% off your purchase.

Tandoor Grill ❤️ Chocodiem

Present your receipt from Chocodiem at Tandoor Grill for 10% off and a free dessert with purchases over $35. | Bring your receipt from Tandoor Grill to Chocodiem and enter to win an 8 piece box of truffles!

Crayola Experience ❤️ Book & Puppet Co.

Bring your receipt from Book & Puppet to Crayola for $5 off a general admission ticket. | Bring your ticket from Crayola into Book & Puppet for $5 off any in-store purchase!

Mercantile Home ❤️ Pearly Baker’s Alehouse

Present your receipt from Pearly Baker’s at Mercantile for a free squirrel sticker and 10% off! | Bring your receipt from Mercantile to Pearly Baker’s and receive a 50% off domestic beer or glass of wine with food purchase.

Bloomie’s Flower Shop ❤️ Mia and Maddie’s Bakery

Spend 20 dollars at Mia & Maddie’s and get 10% off at Bloomie’s! Spend 20 dollars at Bloomie’s get 10% off at Mia and Maddie’s.