Gifts to Have on Hand

We’ve all been there – remembering last minute that a hostess gift is needed for tonight’s dinner party, or something to give the mail carrier for all of their hard work. Keep these gifts on hand through the holiday season and beyond.

The Loving Piece (7 N. Third St.)

Nothing makes people feel more valued than gifts that pamper and support. Keep these items nearby for a sure-fire way to say “I care about you!”

Token 249 (249 Northampton St.)

These popcorn snacks come in flavors for every palate… but, beware!  There is the real and clear danger of eating it before you have a chance to gift it!
Pretty and  pleasing puzzles make a great gift that keeps the mind busy during the short days of the cold winter months.

Learke (65 N. Fourth St.)

Snake plants hanging around YOUR  house, keeping YOUR air clean until they are ready to be gifted! Smart!
Coffee, mugs and a French press go together for the perfect gift for just about anyone in your world.

Mercantile Home (140 Northampton St.)

A little aromatherapy makes everyone’s world better.  The relaxing vibes of soap scents, candles and a lavender sleep mask are always a welcome treat!

Khanisa’s (118  Northampton St.)

Keep these delicious mixes on hand to give at a moment’s notice. Brownies, waffles, pudding and hot chocolate…oh my!

Christine’s Bath & Gift Boutique (24 N. Second St.)

This unique and pretty appetizer board makes a great impromptu gift for the party you’ll be heading to this holiday season!
Everyone experiences a little rain now and then…and a stylish “umbrella in a bottle” makes a thoughtful and caring gift.