Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

No matter what the activity, Downtown Easton has plenty of options for an outdoor lover this holiday season.

Belleville Market (20 S. 3rd S.)

Belleville has gifts for every type of person… including your favorite tree hugger!

For the girly, free-spirited outdoor lover – a disco plant holder!

For the friend/family member who will likely spend a lot of time this Christmas showing you pictures from their latest hike.

Turn any bouquet or bunch of flowers into long-lasting memories!

Highmark Farmstand (325 Northampton St.)

Stereotypical? Nah. Granola bars & healthy snacks are always a good idea for loved ones who bike, hike, camp, and more.

Nature’s Way Market (143 Northampton St.)

Not every hike is a walk in the park. Stocking stuffers like natural insect repellent, aloe gel, and poison ivy spray may not be the most exciting gifts for your pal… but they’ll thank you come spring. Practical, functional, and fun-sized.

Easton Outdoor Company (230 Northampton St.)

Q: Can your outdoorsy friend ever have too many nalgenes or headlamps? A: NO!! Easton Outdoor Company has lots of other gifts – small items (like splash guards for those nalgenes!) and rechargeable lanterns, to larger purchases like packs, sustainably-minded clothing, and other gear.