Gifts for Someone Who Deserves Some Self-Care

Self-care is important, especially after a busy holiday season. Grab these gifts for someone who would love a treat when things settle down.

The Skin Clinic (123 N. Third St.)

The team at The Skin Clinic has formulated their own line of products for your skincare needs. Put together a basket for someone you love or pick one up that’s made for you! Our staff picked out a few of our favorites from this huge collection of mix-and-match stocking stuffers.


Peppermint Pamper Packs with Salts, Soaps, and Scents!

Give them the gift of silky-smooth hands and feet with these Keratin gloves and socks.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask for those who will be catching up on some well-deserved rest during their holiday break.


NuHouse (19 S. Bank St.)

A walk into NuHouse alone is self-care, but a gift card makes it even better. Pick one up for someone on your list and let them choose a service that works for them. From cryotherapy to hydrofacials and everything in between, you will give them the best gift!

Nature’s Way (143 Northampton St.)

Achieve two-in one with these products from Nature’s Way; self-care while also taking care of the Earth with these organic gifts!

For that friend whose home always greets you with the wonderful scent of essential oils, give the gift of some well-deserved aromatherapy with these oil blends.

Nothing says “Time to relax” like a cup of tea!

Everyone loves a good lotion.. these ones are guaranteed to become household favorites!

Mercantile Home (140 Northampton St.)

Visit Mercantile Home for some crafty products that will serve as daily essentials for a moment of self-care.

Sleep is the most important part of staying healthy! Make sure your loved ones are getting the most out of their sleep with these adorable hand-made masks, and lavender eye pillows.

Unique incense sticks, for the friend who needs to breathe in some good vibes!

Creative Spirit (123 N. 3rd St)

For the friend who wants to cleanse their energy going into the new year, Creative Spirit has a wide variety of healing crystals and stones, along with an informational guide for each stone.

Yellow Balloon Consignment (135 N. 3rd St.)

Therapeutic Corn Bag is a lovely gift that is made locally in Easton. The crafter has been contributing consignor with Yellow Balloon Balloon for 4 years! It’s a popular item purchased all year round- a particular great gift in the winter.  When heated in the microwave for 3 minutes you get over an hour of warmth!  Body aches, cold feet & hands & even to keep your food warm as you travel in a insulated tote! It’s Heat Therapy & Cold Therapy! Yes it can be placed in freezer to help relieve inflammation, migraines, injuries, & hives to name a few.  Review the entire Corn Bag fact sheet in the shop.

Your CBD Store (430 Northampton St.)

For that person in your life experiencing aches and pains, give them the gift of fast relief with this award-winning topical cream.

Jiva Fitness (230 Ferry St.)

Give the gift of wellness in many different ways. Jiva Fitness gift certificates are available in any amount.

To help you select an amount, here is a list of their class and service pricing:


Single class $20

1 week unlimited $30

1 month unlimited $79

1 year unlimited $948



30 minute $46

45 minute $57

60 minute $72

Quick start 3 pack $138


60-minute massage $90

120-minute massage $120

Cupping add $10



1 month online $184